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Finding Your Professional Passion

If you work doing something that you love, then suddenly working a job becomes your passion. That’s great if you know what you’re passionate about

Qualities of Great Leaders

What qualities do great leaders possess? We all have our own idea of what makes a great leader. It may have been a mentor, someone

The Foundations of Branding

When you set out to start your business you’ll have a number of questions to ask yourself. Why am I starting this business? What do

Tackling Big Tasks

Sometimes we are faced with tasks that seem so large in size that the task takes over our ability to complete to get it done.

7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

When you start a new business you have a million things on your mind. Between long term plans to short term goals, there is a

How To Enjoy the Weekdays

In the article, How Happy Do Weekends Actually Make Us? Bloomberg Business reports a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research found people

What makes a great leader?

What is the best way to lead a group of people? Financial incentives? Financial incentives are pretty motivating. They can get people on task and

Building Employee Loyalty

It used to be that an employee would start working for you, and as long as you didn’t fire them, and your company survived. You

3 TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

In 1984, TED was founded as a non-profit organization that promotes ideas. TED talks have become more and more popular in recent years as videos